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Order Dr. Yetunde's new books titled, BALANCE: Balancing life, love, family, career, and the pursuit of your dreams and The Balance Guide: Quotes and Affirmations on Living a Balanced Life!


Yetunde A. Odugbesan-Omede, Ph.D., is a Professor of Global Affairs and Political Science. She teaches courses on Comparative Politics, Global Politics, African Politics, Imperialism, American Foreign Policy and Women in Comparative Political Development. 

In addition to being a Professor, she is a policy advisor, author, entrepreneur, and global speaker. She is a first generation Nigerian-American. Born and raised in the United States, Dr. Yetunde has utilized her unique disposition to empower, encourage, and inspire young people to stand out, be bold and be proud of their unique backgrounds. 

Her agenda is to equip governments, institutions and people with policies and competencies that will promote leadership, ethics, and innovation.



Dr. Yetunde teaches  courses in Global Affairs and Political Science.


Dr. Yetunde speaks around the world on ethical leadership, foreign policy, women empowerment and more.


As an author, she helps people put their best self forward. Her new book which is available to order is about balancing life, love, family, career, and the pursuit of your dreams.


As a sought after institutional leader, advisor, and consultant, Dr. Yetunde helps institutions perform more effectively and grow in their desired fields.

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