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“How do you do it all?” is a question that I get all the time. Whether its after a speaking engagement or meeting with a group of women…that question never escapes me. It never escapes us. As a mother, professor, entrepreneur, author and more, I am constantly searching and finding ways to balance it all. I decided about two years ago to write this book on BALANCE because it is something that all women can relate to and understand. During my journey writing this book, I also learned that men struggle with finding their balance too. No matter the stage, your geographic location, religion, culture, sex or age, we all trying to prioritize the things that matter most.  Finding balance must be done with intention. There are things I have done in my life that have helped me to excel in various areas all while still staying true to myself. Everyone defines balance differently but I know for sure that its something we all need help with. I hope this book provides more clarity and guidance on how to find balance in your own lives all while staying true to who you are and holding onto your dreams.

In Young Woman's Guide, an inspiring book by Yetunde A. Odugbesan-Omede, she shares her personal stories and advice on how young women can put their best self forward. Young Woman's Guide is a self-help book that contains how-to advice, tips and tools for young women to live a purposeful and well-rounded life. It features timeless topics on leadership, professional, personal and emotional development. It calls and challenges young women to shine brightly and lead powerfully. Filled with empowering practical messages that promote good habits, cultivate positive attitudes and build self-confidence, Young Woman's Guide will serve as a guiding light for young women as they journey through womanhood.

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Young Woman's guide book is a powerful guide for all young women to follow.

We were truly inspired by her fearlessness at sharing her personal story as well as advice on people can put their best selves forward.

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This self-help books contains tools for all to live a purposeful and well-rounded life. 

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